Africa's Future Leading and Advocating Today

African political leadership is at a crossroad.  The impact of young Africans demanding their voices is heard provides indication that Africa is on the verge of new horizons. Young leaders are history’s beacon of innovation and change. Thankfully, this is implies opportunity for responsible, aware and driven future African leaders. The Young African Leadership Symposium provides a platform to challenge and encourage the next generation of African leadership to rise to the occasion.   

One explanation of this strengthening momentum is the growing number of Africa’s future leaders in pursuit of higher education at institutions across the globe. Despite their status as transplants, young African leaders remain connected to Africa in budding, diverse communities. This is especially true across college campuses in the United States, home to nearly 150, 000 African-born students.

The Rising Need for Young African Leaders

Young African leaders are needed to shape Africa’s future. In response to this need, the CUNY University Student Senate launches its first-ever Young African Leadership Symposium, an opportunity to engage Africans and friends of Africa in order to prepare for opportunities ahead. The key focus of this year’s symposium will be education in Africa, entrepreneurship and business in Africa, and building social capacity through technology and media. These workshops will each touch on African political leadership, social and economic opportunities, and increasing need to improve Africa’s healthcare, education, and quality of life.  We welcome participants from diverse backgrounds including community activists, educators, professionals, investors, entrepreneurs and students both natives and friends of Africa.

In designing the Young African Leadership Symposium, our hope is to engage others in a stand  for a strong democracy,  a demand for accountable and transparent governance and a consistent protection of rights for all.   It is our hope that conversations centered on these core values – particularly on issues of education in Africa, the budding business sector and increasing global influences like social media to encourage unity and integrity, rather than division and selfish motivation, in order to   build meaningful social capacity As the future of Africa, it is our charge to challenge our ideas and thoughts in appreciation of Africa’s diversity. As the future of Africa, it is our charge to challenge our ideas and thoughts in appreciation of Africa’s diversity.