Venue: The all the events of the conference will take place at CUNY Brooklyn College’s Graduate Center for Worker’s Education situated at 25 Broadway, NY NY 10004

The symposium is structured to take place in two days. 
Day 1
: The opening reception will be held on the first day of the event. This reception is in honor of African Ambassadors in the United States and the representatives at the United Nations.  This will give both African Students, and young African professionals a chance to not only meet their representatives, but have a chance to speak to them about issues that affect them.  We believe that young Africans have a lot to learn from these leaders, and this will be a chance to engage each other in a dialogue on African affairs.

Day 2
:  The second day will feature panels addressing four themes:
  1. Leadership in the 21st  Century,
  2. Entrepreneurship ventures and Business incubation in Africa
  3. African Scholarship: Infrastructure and Localization of Knowledge
  4. Social media’s role in social movements. 
The panels will have three panelists and a moderator who will address the topic at hand. There will be a note-taker in each room, and towards the end of each panel, the participants will be asked to come up with recommendations on how young Africans can begin engaging their communities to start working on issues related to the topic. The second day is the main day, and we look forward to the recommendations that will come of these panels.

During our lunch break, there will be a workshop on mentorship focused on the importance of mentors in 21st Century Africa. You are all welcome to attend this workshop.

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