A Day of Dialogue!

The second day will feature Keynote addresses, panels and workshops addressing themes identified as crucial to the development of young leaders in Africa. We  have gathered the best minds on these issues, and can promise that you will not be disappointed by the dialogue you will encounter in each of the different panels.
The panels will have three panelists and a moderator who will address the topic at hand. There will be a note-taker in each room, and towards the end of each panel, the participants will be asked to come up with recommendations on how young Africans can begin engaging their communities to start working on issues related to the topic. The second day is the main day, and we look forward to the recommendations that will come of these panels.

 Date: Saturday, September 17, 2011
Room: Conference Room
Time: 8:30AM– 5:00PM

Morning Program:8:30 AM – 11:30 AM

Welcome Keynote Address: Cultivating Leadership from Awareness to Action

Panel Sessions Part 1

Panel 1.     Leadership: Leading in the 21st Century;
a)    Youth’s role in leading Social, Political and Economic Transformation in the 21st Century Africa
b)    The role of  “adults” in unleashing talent and capability of the Youth
c)     Harnessing the power of young women in Leadership.

Panel 2: Entrepreneurship: African and the Final Frontier
a)    Support Infrastructure for Entrepreneurial Ventures and Business Incubation in Africa
b)    Innovation and what it means for the African Youth

11:30 – 1 PM: Lunch
Each one Teach one: The Importance of Mentors in 21st Century Africa
Facilitated by AfroMetro

Afternoon Program : 1 PM – 5:00 PM

Keynote Address 
Panel Sessions part 2
Panel 1. Technology & Social Media: Transforming Society through Media and Technology
a). Cultivating social media for social movements
b). The role of Youth and the development of cyber security

Panel 2. Education: Knowledge Infrastructure and Localization of Knowledge
a). Scan Globally; Reinvent Locally
b). The role of knowledge in societal transformation
c)     Creating and Disseminating Knowledge in the African context
d)    The problems of brain drain in Africa, and how this generation can avoid the gap in African Research and Scholarship production.
Break: 15 minutes

Closing Dialogue: Young People in Action

Closing Remarks: Divine Muragijimana